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Mr. Jin Xukai, the Chairman and General Designer of Shengshi Elevator is a professional inventor whose inventions totaled up to 178 items and owns 88 patents under dual protection both at domestic and overseas, covering areas of automobile, printing, medical instruments, aerospace,energy, elevator, catering, martial arts and articles of daily use, such as Outer Space Toilet,Automatic Catering Robot and Shengshi Safe Elevator. Besides, Mr. Jin was invited by Chongqing University to be a lecturer from 2000 to 2001, he was also nominated as China Top 10 Outstanding Young Workers and won the Champion of 2010 Chinese Inventor Competition. After gave a speech in the Great Hall of the People, he was awarded the special fund from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR).

The special lecture of the Great Hall of the People was awarded with special support from the Hong Kong SAR Government and taught at Chongqing University from 2000 to 2001.

In the year of 1997, an appalling report concerning an elevator crash in Southeast Asia touched Mr.Jin Xukai deeply and he decided to develop the safe elevator. After over 20 years’ research and hardships, Shengshi Safe Elevator was successfully developed, based on the technology o“f Split Nut Track Linear Motion Pair”. Shengshi Safe Elevator featured in the embedded spiral lifting system, has completely solved the potential safety hazards like crash, uprush, gliding downward with door open and getting stuck inside the elevator, which defines a new standard for global safe elevators.