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The old elevator in Tai'an is about to be realized. The maximum subsidy is 200,000 per unit.

发布日期:2019-03-14  来源:Lightning news 

Core Tip: In order to do a good job of installing elevators in existing houses, further improve the functions of existing residential buildings and improve the comfort of residents, according to relevant requirements, the office of Tai'an Municipal People's Government recently issued

In order to make additional housing电梯Work to further improve the functions of existing residential buildings and improve the comfort of residents. According to relevant requirements, the Tai'an Municipal People's Government Office recently issued a pilot program for the establishment of elevators for existing residential buildings in Tai'an City, and formulated this pilot program. The installation of the elevator in the old residential area of Taian is about to be realized!

In accordance with the principle of “voluntary, consensus, security” and “government guidance, street coordination, department review, and subject responsibility”, the program will simplify the examination and approval process, optimize the workflow, and explore the establishment of scientific, simple and effective. The management and service mechanism will actively and steadily promote the construction of elevators for existing houses. The program will be implemented as of the date of promulgation and will be valid for two years.

Subject to the relevant laws, regulations and relevant policies, the owner shall apply voluntarily and obtain the written consent of all the owners within the scope of the additional elevator unit. The existing elevators shall also meet the following conditions: the pilot target is the urban center of Tai'an City. Within the scope, the state-owned land is built according to law and put into use, and is not included in the scope and plan of the house. The addition of an elevator shall not affect the integrity and structural safety of the existing dwellings, and shall not change the main structural form of the original building. The ordinary brick-concrete structure houses without ring beams and without structural columns are not included in the scope of additional elevators. The additional elevators shall be within the boundary of the existing residential construction project land and meet the requirements of the “Guidelines for the Procedures for the Installation of Elevated Elevators for Existing Residential Buildings in Tai'an City”, and shall not affect the safety of neighboring owners in the community, and maintain the elevator and community landscape. Harmony and unity.

The main body of the elevator unit is added to the main body of the elevator for the existing house (hereinafter referred to as the “implementation body”), responsible for the program identification and declaration, equipment procurement, project implementation, maintenance management and other related work, to undertake the existing residential additional elevator project Establish corresponding legal responsibilities.

The whole process of contracting is carried out for the declaration, design, procurement, construction, and trial operation of existing elevators. Under the condition of the total price contract, the agent bears the overall responsibility for the quality, safety, cost and schedule of the elevator project that it has contracted.

All owners within the scope of the proposed elevator unit shall sign an agreement after full consultation on the additional plan and elevator maintenance management. The content of the agreement should include:

Preliminary plan for elevator design; additional elevator project cost and allocation plan; elevator operation and maintenance costs (electricity, maintenance, maintenance, daily management, inspection, etc.) allocation plan; determine the elevator use unit. After the existing houses are added with elevators, all the owners who have invested in the additional elevators can manage themselves as the elevator users. They can also entrust other managers to use the elevators as the units responsible for safety management. Laws, regulations and rules stipulate other matters that should be determined by the owners. .

The implementing entity or agent entrusts the design unit with corresponding qualifications to prepare the elevator design plan for the existing residential building in accordance with relevant codes and standards such as architectural design, structural safety, fire safety and elevator safety.

The above agreements and plans need to be publicized by the community neighborhood committee where the elevator house is added, in the prominent location of the proposed elevator unit crossing, the public notice column of the community.10day. During the publicity period, if the stakeholders of the additional elevators have no written objection to the written objection, the community neighborhood committee shall seal the case; if there is any objection, the community neighborhood committee shall organize mediation to urge the relevant owners to voluntarily reach a mediation agreement on the basis of equal consultation. If the mediation is unsuccessful, the community neighborhood committee will not stamp the case. Units of government agencies, enterprises and institutions that are relatively concentrated in residence shall assist the community neighborhood committee in organizing and coordinating work.

The implementing entity or agent submits an application to meet the following conditions. The District Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau gives the planning approval (inspection) opinion: the ID card, house and land ownership certificate of all the owners within the scope of the elevator unit are added, and all the owners sign the written The agreement agrees to be added; the relevant institution issues a structural safety certificate; the implementing entity and the agent have signed the entrustment contract; the design plan, the sunshine analysis report issued by the original design unit or the design unit with the corresponding qualification conditions, and the signing by all the owners The agreement has no objection after being publicized; the project is filed by the community neighborhood committee.

The implementing entity or agent shall, with the planning approval (inspection) issued by the District Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau, submit a written application to the district-level housing management department to include the pilot of the additional elevator. After review by the district-level housing management department, it shall be reported to the municipal-level housing management department for approval and announcement.

Before the commencement of the construction of the elevator project, the implementing entity or agent shall, in accordance with the relevant regulations, apply for the construction of the elevator construction drawing design document for the existing residential building, and go to the district construction administrative department to handle the construction project construction quality and safety record registration. The elevator installation unit shall go through the formalities for the commencement of work before the installation of the elevator to the special equipment supervision and administration department of the district. The special equipment supervision and inspection agency shall supervise and inspect the installation of the elevator and issue a supervision and inspection report. Specialized units such as power supply, water supply, telecommunications, gas, digital TV, and network involved in the relevant departments and additional elevators shall open green channels and give priority to them.

During the construction of the elevator construction, the implementing entity or agent shall take corresponding fire safety measures to ensure the smooth passage of the fire truck. The district construction administrative department and the district special equipment supervision and administration department shall conduct inspections in accordance with the law in the process of adding elevators, and strengthen construction safety and quality safety supervision and management.

After the completion of the additional elevator project, the implementation entity or agent shall organize the design, construction, supervision and other units to complete the acceptance check. After the completion of the project, the implementing entity or agent shall handle the formalities for the transfer of construction files in accordance with the regulations on urban construction archives management.

Before the elevator is put into use or after it is put into use30During the day, the implementing entity or agent shall go to the local special equipment supervision and management department to handle the use registration and obtain the registration certificate. Special equipment use signs should be placed in a prominent position in the elevator.

Elevator users shall perform the "Special Equipment Safety Law of the People's Republic of China", "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations", "Shandong Province Special Equipment Safety Regulations" and other laws and regulations, and entrust the qualified maintenance elevator maintenance unit to carry out daily maintenance of the elevator. Work to ensure the safe use of the elevator.

If the owner's ownership or use rights of the additional elevator are changed, the transferor shall appoint the elevator management responsibility with the transferee in the house transfer contract. In principle, the changed owner shall assume the management responsibility of the original owner in accordance with the agreement on the written agreement for the addition of the elevator.

Among them, the funds needed for the pilot work of the existing elevators can be raised in the following ways: according to the factors such as the floor, the owners will jointly contribute according to a certain proportion of the apportionment, and the proportion of the apportionment will be negotiated by the co-funded owners; The special maintenance fund for housing under the name of the person; if it belongs to the housing reform room, it can apply for the use of public housing after-sales maintenance fund; other legal sources of funds such as social investment.

During the pilot period, the urban finance of Tai'an City will award prizes for the addition of elevators to existing buildings with four or more floors. The maximum amount of financial compensation for each additional elevator will not exceed20Ten thousand yuan. Award-raising fund raising channels: annual arrangements for financial affairs in Taishan District and Daiyue District40010,000 yuan, the same level of municipal finance400Ten thousand yuan. The Tainan High-tech Zone and the Tai'an Tourism Economic Development Zone within the central city area will be provided with additional elevator rewards and measures to implement the above policies.

It should be noted that the elevators added to existing houses are not marked on the immovable title certificate or the real estate registration book. The existing residential elevators will no longer apply for construction project approval, construction land planning permission, land supply approval, construction project planning permission and construction permit procedures. The increase in floor area ratio will no longer levy land premiums, and no need to pay the municipal infrastructure supporting fees and Other related administrative fees, government funds, etc.