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Old elevators in Futian District can apply for renovation! The maximum subsidy of 200,000 yuan per unit

发布日期:2019-03-04  来源:Shenzhen Business Daily 

Core Tip: Acceptance of the application time from May 7 to 15, each of the highest subsidy of 200,000 yuan Shenzhen Business Daily March 04, 2019 The reporter recently learned that in 2019 Futian District will carry out the old elevator within the jurisdiction

Acceptance of declaration time5month7Day to15Day, each maximum subsidy20Ten thousand yuan

Shenzhen Business Daily2019year03month04Daily news The reporter was informed recently that2019Futian District will carry out the old age within the jurisdictionelevatorRenovation work, each subsidy is the highest20Ten thousand yuan.

Futian District10Streets, more than700Residential areas, some of which are older than20year. In some communities, the old elevators have been slipped or trapped. already5Years ago, Shenzhen issued relevant documents to require the renovation and renovation of old elevators in various districts. Futian District adopted the financing of “who benefited and who contributed funds, and the government appropriate subsidies”, that is, “self-raised by the property, part of the owners, and part of the government subsidy”. Ways to carry out work.

Chen Jiafa, deputy of Shenzhen Municipal People's Congress and general manager of Shenzhen Property Management Co., Ltd., said that the old elevators used publicly in Futian jurisdiction have exceeded the service life.15More than one year; the manufacturer has withdrawn from the market or the same type of equipment has stopped production; use10If the speed control mode and control mode are backward, the energy consumption is high, the noise is high, or the drive mainframe and other main components are backward in technology and the wear and aging is serious, you can apply for renewal or major repair according to the evaluation conclusion.

It is understood that there will be an update fee for the old ladder update.50% of the fund subsidy, the maximum amount of each subsidy does not exceed2010,000 yuan; the old ladder renovation and major repairs, the maximum amount of each subsidy is not more than10Ten thousand yuan and5Ten thousand yuan.

In addition, the same application subject is in the same address (such as a certain cell), and the number of elevators meeting the renewal and transformation conditions is1Taiwanese, can declare1Taiwan; the number of eligible elevators is2Above the station, according to the quantity35% (rounded to integer) declaration, no more than7station. The working group will allocate indicators based on the number of applications and the district government's work plan for the year. The time for accepting the application is2019year5month7Day to15Day (working day), address is Xinsha Road, Futian District7No. Futian Market Supervision Bureau.