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Shaanxi Tongchuan old building installed elevator implementation plan

发布日期:2019-02-20  来源:Government procurement information report / network 

Core Tip: The implementation plan for the installation of elevators in the old residential quarters of Tongchuan City (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”) in Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province. The "plan" clarifies the scope of implementation of the installation of elevators,

Tongchuan, Shaanxi Province, near the sunrise "Tongchuan old residential community installedelevatorWork Implementation Plan (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”). The "Proposal" clarifies the scope of implementation of the installation of elevators, the main body of implementation, the approval procedures and the maintenance of elevators, as well as the main responsibilities of all district and county governments, housing construction, finance, planning, quality supervision, etc., and broaden the channels for raising funds for construction. The government will install appropriate subsidies.

In order to meet the needs of economic and social development and population aging, and further improve the use of multi-storey residential buildings in the city, improve the quality of living and facilitate the lives of residents, Tongchuan City has formulated the "Plan".

According to the "Proposal", in accordance with the principle of "government guidance, voluntary voluntariness, adapting to local conditions, simplifying procedures, and piloting first", support the qualified old residential quarters to carry out elevator installation work. Encourage the combination with the comprehensive upgrading of old residential quarters, improve the use of old residential quarters, improve the living environment and quality of life of residents, and improve the livability level.

The “Proposal” is applicable to the completed and used housing ownership certificate within the built-up area of Tongchuan City, with clear property ownership certificate, clear property rights and the number of floors.5Layer and5Above layer, near5Houses that are not included in the scope and plan of house collection and have no elevators during the year (except for private self-built houses).

The “Proposal” stipulates the financing methods. For example, the old residential community installs elevator work funds to adopt various channels to raise funds. The owner unit (house owner) is self-raised, supplemented by financial subsidies, and encourages social funds to actively participate. The construction of the social side investment, residents paying for use, etc. The construction, operation, use and maintenance management funds required for the installation of elevators in old residential quarters shall be borne by the owners. The proportion of capital contribution may be determined according to the factors such as the floor of the owner, and shall be jointly funded according to a certain proportion of the apportionment. .

It is worth mentioning that the financial department gives the project of installing elevators in old residential quarters.10Ten thousand yuan/Ministry of Finance, according to11The proportion is financed by municipal and district and county finances.